Engineering Innovation Fellows Program


Innovation and creativity are at the heart of technological advancement, national security, economic development, and quality of life. Yet graduate research training tends to channel the student into a rich but narrow discipline-based area of study.  Hence, the Engineering Innovation Fellows Program (EIFP) was launched in 2011 to provide summer internship opportunities for NSF Graduate Research Fellows in Engineering. This program allows Fellows to obtain experience in industry so they may expand their perspectives and skills in innovation as well as to gain a broader understanding of the impact of their work on the host company and the high tech business.

Fellows are placed alongside industry innovators and researchers where they participate as team members on projects of great societal relevance. The Fellows gain real-life experience that augments their doctoral studies, stimulates invention and better prepares them for the future as a faculty member or for a career in industry. The EIFP is designed for NSF Graduate Research Fellows who wish to take their ideas from the research lab to the real world!  

For Graduate Research Fellows who want to participate in this innovative program and start on the road to expanding their creativity and entrepreneurial zeal…

  • begin by reading Program Guidelines for eligibility and other requirements.
  • read the Program Overview which explains the application and program processes. 
  • select a summer opportunity from Research Positions
  • go to For Applicants to begin the application process.

For Companies interested in hosting an EIFP Fellow…

  • begin by reading Program Guidelines and Program Overview.
  • proceed to For Corporations to post a research opportunity.
  • view the Sample Agreements which provide actual contracts used for the program.
  • read Intellectual Property Rights for an explanation of how IP is handled.


 2012 NSF Engineering Innovation Fellows on Capitol Hill



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